Sometimes it isn’t just the words…

Finding the Story

Have you ever started a story, then found a different track, then discovered that the best story is the one you hadn’t planned  for at all? This project started out as a sort of collage of covering live music. I planned to give a deeper look into the music journalist’s “life.” As I sat down to listen to the music I wanted to use, songs just hit me- the stories they tell, the mood they put you in, the emotions they can elicit. So the story morphed into one about songwriters. I know many songwriters, all of whom are excellent craftsmen. This should be easy, right? The problem was, I only have about two minutes to tell the story. Given all the talented people I could talk to, there was no way to condense this feature into two minutes. So I took a hard look at what was drawing me in the most.


The Storyteller

Ryan Chrys is my friend, but he is also a very talented musician. I had the opportunity to attend a release party earlier this  year for  his solo effort – one that was a long time in the making – and I could not have been prouder. Chrys is a person who loves, lives and learns, then uses his music to tell his story so that others may benefit. He shared with me so much more than I can show in two minutes, but I hope I have at least captured a tiny bit of who he is and what he has to say.

Putting It All Together

The photos were easy – well somewhat. I have been photographing Chrys in a variety of settings for the last three years. Many of the photos in this slideshow are from his CD release, but some are of other shows with his band the Demon Funkies. Choosing the songs was a bit more of a challenge. I had two minutes. I love this CD. How do you pick just a bit here or there? I listened. I closed my eyes, cranked the volume, thought of the pictures, and listened. What you hear is exactly what I heard as I envisioned the slideshow. Again, two minutes…not enough. The narration was easy enough – I simply thought about my friend, and who he is. Then I spoke. Garage Band, iMovie, and all the pieces came together.

I will expand on this. This story is too big for two minutes. There is so much more to this man that needs to be shown. But for now, here is two minutes of Ryan Chrys. I hope he is proud, and I hope you enjoy.

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