Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve. Amateur Night. Ole Year’s.

My friends all have different names for this particular evening. What do you call it? Over the years, I have rung in the New Year in a variety of ways: on the water, at the beach, dancing, evening dress, on the street in West Palm, in the mountains of Colorado, driving down I-75, sitting quietly at home, an elegant champagne party with my lovely friends, in a fleabag motel in Nowhere, NM. I have my own opinion, based on experience, that the best years have been preceded by the least amount of celebration. Perhaps it is just me; maybe you blow it out every year and every year keeps getting better. For me, the years I’ve had the craziest nights have been the worst years (worst is relative here…not all terrible, but in comparison to others, not at all great). When I have taken the simple, low-key approach, those years have turned out pretty well. Is there a true correlation? Probably not; but for this superstitious Southern girl, I’ll take a quiet evening.

Wanting to start this year off on the best possible footing (because Lord knows I need it!) I went for a simple elegant evening at home. Dinner with my lovely man and a couple of friends. True…I’m recently back in Birmingham and don’t really know anyone, but that’s just fine. We had a wonderful meal, great champagne, good music, and fabulous company. What better way to start 2013?

The best part about it was, I got to flex my Southern girl muscle. Dinner party? That means only one thing to us entertainers: linens, china, silver, flowers, music, LBD, pearls…wait, I guess it means many things. In any event, it was time to do it right. So Emily Post and I set the table:

There is something so great about crystal, silver and white linens! Very classic…I hope.

Then of course: the music was Miles, the menu was filet medallions with a bearnaise sauce, creamed spinach and roasted potatoes. Oh…and I found my pearls!

It was simple, elegant and warm. The perfect way to start off what I hope is a fantastic year! Cheers y’all!

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